A familiar familial place of confusion

2018 06 09@Hervé Veronese Centre Pompidou-7839_LOW


A familiar familial place of confusion, 2018
performance 28 min

A collaborative work devised by Paul, Alix and Simon Maheke exploring Kindoki —a form of witchcraft / a system of belief / a magical thinking and practice from Bas-Congo (Bantu)— which occupies and shakes beings up in an ongoing interplay of intensities; launched from the shadows it activates and generates tensions between the realm of the visible and the invisible by way of contamination.

Using words, sound and movement, the work references African cosmologies of the Bantu Congo as well as pop icon Michael Jackson, French writer Guy de Maupassant’s « Le Horla » and Alix Maheke’s case study about Kindokisme and cannibalism affecting ‘children witches’.

conception, sound and movement: Paul Maheke
voice and text: Alix Maheke
guitar: Simon Maheke

pictures: Hervé Veronese, Centre Pompidou, 2018

Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2018, Charleroi Danse at the invitation of Latifa Laâbissi
Centre Pompidou, Paris
Centro Botin, Santander
6th Rennes Biennale, Rennes


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