The Origin of Death

The Origin of Death
Performance, 50 min

with the participation of Alyssa « Ledet » Dillard, Ndobo-Emma and Adrian Barstad Andresen

The Origin of Death is a performance by Paul Maheke that reflects on different forms of interconnectedness and further delves into the artist’s interest in how dance, sound, and identity dialogue. By utilising storytelling from a range of sources: from sci-fi to diaristic notes, early sketches and texts (both found and written by the artist), as well as music and movement, the performance takes the shape of a meditation on the tenuous border between alterity and otherness.

Images: Paul Maheke, The Origin of Death performed at Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague and Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo – Photo: Libor Galia and Jan Khür, 2023

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